Affiliations. AI Research and Application Center, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Sakarya, Türkiye.


I am a senior researcher at AI Research and Application Center, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBÜ), Sakarya, Türkiye and currently working as associate professor in the Faculty of Applied Sciences, SUBÜ. Previously, I received my B.S. in industrial engineering from Istanbul Commerce University in 2010, M.S. in industrial engineering from Istanbul University in 2013. From 2013-2019 I worked as resarch assistant at industrial engineering department in Sakarya University and completed my Ph.D. there advised by H. İbrahim Demir. My thesis integrated process planning, dynamic scheduling and due date assignment functions in a job shop.

My research interests include:

  • data science & data mining,
  • machine learning,
  • operations research,
  • meta-heuristic algorithms.


Jun 13, 2023 :sparkles: Integrated Process Planning, Scheduling, and Due-Date Assignment kitabımız yayınlanmıştır: link
Apr 26, 2023 :sparkles: Veri Analizi Python Kütüphaneleri kitabı yayınlanmıştır: link
Apr 22, 2023 CFP in Computers and Industrial Engineering

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selected publications

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  4. Predicting next Hour Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the Istanbul Metropolitan City Using Deep Learning Algorithms with Time Windowing Strategy
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