Unlimited Access to Medium Articles: A Simple Method for Seamless Reading

Are you tired of hitting a paywall while browsing Medium and being unable to read your favorite articles in full? We have a solution that allows you to enjoy unlimited accessto Medium’s insightful content without any restrictions.

Step 1: Copy the Medium Article Link

To begin, select the Medium article you wish to read in its entirety. Copy the URL of the article from your browser’s address bar.

Step 2: Utilize Google Cache

Google Cache provides a snapshot of web pages as they appeared when Google last crawled them. We can leverage this feature to access Medium articles without encountering any limitations. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a new tab in your browser.
  2. Type or paste the following link into the address bar:
  1. After the colon, paste the URL of the Medium article you copied in Step 1.

For example, the complete link should look like this:


Step 3: Install a Browser Reader Extension

Now that you have the cached version of the Medium article, it’s time to make your reading experience even more enjoyable. Install a browser reader extension like “readbee” to transform the article into a cleaner, more distraction-free format. These extensions improve the readability of the content, making it easier on your eyes and enhancing your overall reading experience.

Read and Enjoy!

Congratulations! You can now access the full Medium article without any restrictions and immerse yourself in its rich content. The reader extension ensures that you can comfortably read through the entire article without any distractions, providing you with a seamless and engaging experience.

Example Usage

Let’s take the article “ChatGPT Trading Strategy Fully Backtested with Python” from Quant Factory as an example. When we open the link (https://medium.com/quant-factory/chatgpt-trading-strategy-fully-backtested-with-python-70e6769ab550), we encounter a limitation as shown in the image below:

Medium Paywall Image

To overcome this restriction, we modify the link to its cached version using Google Cache, like this:


After accessing the cached version, we choose the “Only text version” option, as depicted in the image below:

Google Cache Only Text Version

By clicking on the “Readbee” button, the content is transformed into a distraction-free format, making it easier to read, as shown below:

Readbee Transformed Content

This method allows you to enjoy Medium articles hassle-free and explore a wealth of valuable information.

Remember, while this technique may grant you temporary access, supporting content creators and respecting intellectual property rights are crucial for maintaining a thriving writing community. Use this method responsibly and consider subscribing to Medium if you find their content valuable.

Happy reading and enjoy your newfound access to a world of knowledge!